Resolution Test Chart – Siemens star

The resolution of a photography image depends on the sensor or film material and on the lens. Proclaiming the sensor delivers crisp images and its data is not corrupted by software demosaicing etc. the resolution of the lens is limiting image sharpness.

How to test your lens

The basic procedure is to take a photo of a test chart with fine detailed patterns of individual sizes. Larger objects will be visible whereas smaller pattern will diminish details into blurry gray.

One chart is the Siemens star wich consists of n black and white sectors. All lines concentrate in the middle where dueto the limited resolution a gray circle occurs. Its diameter d to the image size gives the resolution l:


I made a  Siemens star with 314 sectors which simplifies the calculation:




lens: Pentacon 300mm at F4.0, d={200,300, 400}px 



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