Dear readers, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me!


7 thoughts on “Author

    • Thank you, Jonny,
      that is the site’s intension.
      I appreciate your feedback!
      I recently visited your publications – inspiring art!


  1. Thank you very much! I subscribed to your blog. I got a MIR 38B 3.5 65mm as well that is not working fine. The automatic aperture is broken. I will try to open it soon to see what is the problem. Do you have any experience with this lens?


  2. Sorry, I don’t have this lens.
    I only found a cross section drawing here:×6/mir38b.html
    The creator Grant says: “There doesn’t seem to be much material on the web about this lens.”
    So it is on you – a little documentation also helps to get it back together correctly 😉
    Often you don’t need to loosen single lenses, just screwed lens compartments and mechanics, starting from the back side of the lens. Good luck and don’t worry, you cannot break anything, these lenses are that heavy and solidly built!


  3. If I take photos of siemen’s star at different distances how can I calculate the resolution of the camera ? Should I have to develop an orthophoto and measure the diameter of the grey circle mentioned above ?


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